Sustainability-Ethically Made-Wear It Again

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, sustainable practices are gaining importance in various industries. The bridal industry is no exception. Couples today are seeking eco-friendly options and incorporating sustainability into their wedding plans.

Sustainability practices within Elope Bridal come in a few ways. 

1)We are made to order and small run, meaning we don't have lots of stock on hand and less waste in general.

2)The designs at Elope Bridal are ones which can be worn again after the wedding. Use your imagination and mix up the accessories, shoes, jackets, anything goes. Can you even imagine the millions of wedding dresses sitting in boxes never to be worn again? It's nuts!

3) When you feel like you're ready to stop wearing your dress, you can have it dyed! I have done a few custom dyes in pink, navy and black so far. The silk dresses take the dye beautifully. So you can go from the 'little white dress to the LBD and get tons more wear out if it. 

4)Who Made My Clothes? Katie, Selina, Emily, Belmira and Na. These incredible women are so talented and bring the designs to life. Hand made in Perth, see Katie's biz here: Textilelab

Wearing your dress again.

I’m so excited to be able to offer you some different ways to style your dress so you can wear it again in the future. It truly is a shame that most brides never get to wear their dress again. 

The fabrics of the dresses are satins and duchess satins. They feel soft on and although they are white are still quite versatile. These are suitable for cocktail parties, baby’s Christening, dinner with the girls or a romantic night out for two. Pull out some great shoes, jackets and bags and see what you can do.

Below is the Lalla Dress, worn with a black Miumiu hoodie and my favourite black patent Aquazzura Quant bootie. I love this look.

Following pic is the Blackbird dress with a black tie, navy coat and black pumps. 

If you wear your dress again and think it looks dope, take a pic and pass it over. I’d love to see how you make it yours. 


    Restyle, upcyle or even dye it a new colour and extend the life and memories.


    Designed and made with love in Perth, Australia.


    Little white dresses for receptions, weddings, hens and all your special moments.


    Need we say more? Have all the essentials close at hand.

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