What sustainability means to us

It's hard to use the word 'sustainability' when you're selling a product. That's why I wouldn't really say Elope Bridal is a sustainable brand. What we are, however, is a brand committed to operating in the most ethical, sustainable, and clean way we can to ensure our dresses have a more circular life. This is a living idea, and will grow and evolve with us as a brand. 

What does that look like for us right now? 


Endlessly Rewearable

Our mini wedding dresses are designed to be endlessly rewearable after the big day. They are made in satin and duchess satin that sit softly on the skin.  With a bit of creative styling, it makes them the perfect little white dress for cocktail parties, christenings, dinner with the girls or a romantic night out for two.

Use your imagination and mix up the accessories, shoes, jackets — anything goes. Can you even imagine the millions of wedding dresses sitting in boxes never to be worn again? It's nuts!

If you get tired of the little white dress, then you can have it dyed into the perfect little black / blue / pink / insert-colour-of-choice dress. The silk takes dye beautifully, allowing you to get tons more wear out if it. 

If you wear your dress again and think it looks dope, take a pic and tag @elopebridal. I’d love to see how you make it yours. 


Limited Production

Elope little white dresses are produced in either very small runs or made to order.

Its a fine line for us. No one wants excess stock going to waste, so we make many of our dresses to order. However, we also strive to keep a few of each size and style in stock so if you are planning an elopement next week, you can have something to wear! 

This includes keeping dresses on-hand for our Try On service that allows you to try on a dress at home before committing to purchasing or producing a new one. 


Who Made My Clothes?

All Elope Bridal dresses are designed by me, Sonny, and made locally in Perth by Katie, Selina, Emily, Belmira and Na at Textile Lab. These incredible women are so talented and bring the designs to life. 


Social Impact

A portion of the sale of each dress goes to Little things for Tiny Tots, a charity assisting new mothers who may be impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction and a variety of other issues.  As we grow, I hope to be able to give back in more ways to our community. 


One love x 


    Restyle, upcyle or even dye it a new colour and extend the life and memories.


    Designed and made with love in Perth, Australia.


    Little white dresses for receptions, weddings, hens and all your special moments.


    Need we say more? Have all the essentials close at hand.

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