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Elope (n): an intimate, meaningful, and authentic wedding experience that is a true reflection of your relationship.  

The idea for elope began when I was getting remarried. After having a big traditional wedding the first time, I knew I wanted to do it differently the second time.  

I wanted a dress that would make it easy to do the things my partner and I love — drink great wine, eat good food, laugh till our sides hurt, and comfortably dance the night away. I wanted to invest in creating memories, so it was important that my dress not only made me feel gorgeous, but it was affordable and rewearable. 

I had a vision of the perfect mini dress, but couldn’t find anything that quite met my idea. So on my wedding day, I said “yes” in  a classically beautiful long dress. While it was special, gorgeous and quite expensive it still wasn’t quite what I wanted. (It also got completely trashed when it bucketed rain that night!).  The idea stuck with me and after the honeymoon, I got to sketching. 

Elope Bridal is grounded in the idea that getting married should be a fun-filled day full of the things you love. Its about celebrating what makes you and your partner so special. 

Our designs are inspired by the communities we live in and each dresses is named after favourite venus in Perth – places where it is easy to have a good time and make beautiful memories around friendship and love. 

My hope is that when you wear an Elope dress, you feel love, fun, and ready for some magical moments! 

xx Sonny



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    Restyle, upcyle or even dye it a new colour and extend the life and memories.


    Designed and made with love in Perth, Australia.


    Little white dresses for receptions, weddings, hens and all your special moments.


    Need we say more? Have all the essentials close at hand.

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