Wedding ideas for a shrinking budget

Wedding ideas for a shrinking budget

So if you’ve been out of work for a while now due to Covid 19, I feel ya. It’s not the worst thing to have to rethink some of your wedding plans if the budget has been reduced. If you can’t elope and still want to have over 50 guests I have some tips for you. 

Most people think an easy way to go is to have a backyard wedding or a wedding in a park. If it’s a small group of under 50 it’s pretty easy as you can utilise the facilities of the house but If it’s a large group, a backyard or park wedding can have so many extra costs which are completely necessary such as permits, lighting, toilet hire, gardening, marquee hire, cool room hire, staffing (waiters and bar staff) , rubbish removal, cleaning, dancefloor, PA system, band, catering, drinks (beers, wines, softies, spirits, mixers, cocktails), glassware (flutes, beer glasses, wine glasses, water), cutlery and plates, tablecloths, napkins, tables and chair hire, signage, decor, heating or cooling, first aid kit, plus the normal things such as cake, photographer, celebrant, flowers etc. Also the diy wedding is sooo much WORK! Not just for you and hubby, but also for the mums  and dads, who inevitably get roped into making food, cleaning, gardening etc.   

 One way to reduce some of these costs is to hire out a section of your local neighbourhood bistro, bar or cafe, one that you have a relationship with. Usually the courtyard, if they have one, is perfect for a day wedding. You’re probably already comfortable there and that will reflect on your wedding day when you can enjoy without the stress. These little places are usually completely equipped and will happily take a group, especially in the day if they aren’t as busy. If you choose exclusive use of the venue then the price will go up as they can’t take other bookings. Organise the menu to your budget, put on a bar tab or if the venue isn’t licensed see if you can BYO booze. Cocktail style functions are usually the more affordable and also more relaxed option. Guests are usually happy to pay for some drinks when the tab runs out. Ask them about music and dancing. You won’t have to worry about cleaning before and after, staffing, catering, toilets and all the things you don’t want to think about on your wedding day. They are already insured so you have peace of mind if anything happens. You can head to your local flower market the day before the wedding, find some flowers you like, pop them into tiny jars and run them down to the venue with your cake and bits and pieces.
These little neighbourhood gems don’t usually have the glamour of the high end wedding venues, but you know that you’re supporting a family and a local business. So important these days. They also will be there for your anniversaries and will watch your family grow, so nice! 

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