Surprise we're getting MARRIED !!!

Surprise we're getting MARRIED !!!

Short and Flirty Wedding Dresses For a Spontaneous Bride

Wedding stress in the worst, isn’t it? You spend months or sometimes even years planning that ‘perfect wedding’. From finding a great venue that fits your budget to going on the hunt for that dream wedding dress; the whole process sounds a bit daunting. So, when I recently had a lovely lady email me on the Sunday looking to get a short wedding dress for her wedding the following Saturday, (yes 6 days later! ) I was so excited! It was their engagement party and a last minute decision to get married instead led to this chain of events.

Sometimes you must act spontaneously and take that big leap of faith. If you’ve found that special someone and don’t want to wait a long time to start the new chapter of your life together, this is your time to be a last-minute bride!

I was super excited but also a bit nervous, I'm in Perth, she was in Sydney and the postal system is notoriously slow at the moment. I got her measurements, found the right size, set up a courier service for her and the dress went straight from here to the airport. What if it didn't fit?? I had my fingers crossed the whole time that dress was in the air. Even though the cost of the courier was high it was completely worth it when I found out it was delivered the next morning, less than 24 hours after it left my house. Shout out to Zoom2U which was pretty impressive.

I shipped out her dress on Monday and six days later, she was a married woman. The whole process was a bit hectic but so much fun!

The dresses are short, sweet and have a bit of a fun flair to them and I think it translates to a happy and excited bride. Sometimes you don't need to take everything so seriously. I think there is a real freedom in that. I just love being able to serve a non-traditional bride. I was definitely not a traditional bride, I didn't want to do the big dress thing or have the traditional sit down formal wedding. I do love them and have loved every second of my friends weddings but they just weren't for me. TBH the first dress I bought for my own wedding years ago I purchased online and found it squished into the tiny letterbox in my old apartment building. Needless to say my priority was always to have my dresses shipped out in lovely boxes after that I had that experience. I still haven't quite figured out how to  wrap up a petticoat as it always looks like a burrito. I'll update you if I figure it out.

A great thing about short wedding dresses is that you can even wear them after your big day is over. You could never think to do that with a traditional wedding dress since its too extravagant to wear on a regular day basis. Even if you are having a traditional wedding, you can surprise your guests on the dance floor with a fun mini reception dress. Bring on the Afterparty!

I love that when the ladies try on the dresses they start to play around, dance and twirl (or twerk!). They look like they are having heaps of fun which is all I ever really want to do.

Elope Bridal is here to cater to your needs, so lets take spontaneous decisions together.

Sonny x 

Pic of Petticoat Burrito for laughs!

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