Photographer Spotlight Tess Lehman

Photographer Spotlight Tess Lehman

Couple in car on the way to an elopement wedding. Bride is cute wearing tuxedo style dress and black sunglasses

I was so lucky to be included in a queer elopement styled shoot for a real couple earlier this year. The photos were amazing, full of sultry moody moments and little pops of pure joy! The photographer Tess has such an amazing spirit and this shoot was her vision so I thought I'd find out a little bit more about her. 

Tess: I’m Tess Lehman of
Sonny: How long have you been a photographer? What is your style? 
Tess: I’ve had a camera since I was a kid. Had good cameras since I was 19. Started charging for photography about three years ago. I’m somewhere between a documentary photography and lifestyle photographer. I do weddings, brand photography, commercial photography and everything in between. 
Sonny: Was this something you always wanted to do? 
Tess: Not quite. I wanted to be a pilot but did flying lessons for a while when I was 17 and worked out that vomiting everyday wasn’t what I wanted from life. Since then I’ve sold cars, ran bars, worked on the mines, run a coworking space, business events. And photography was the thing I kept coming back too. So I got better at it. 
Sonny: Your photos are very honest. What are you looking for in a photo? 
Tess: It’s so funny I get that a lot. I think I’m trying to capture the emotion of that moment. You know? I’m a pretty honest person. I don’t love super posed stuff myself. It can be done beautifully but I am more drawn to shots where people are themselves or caught in that moment. The feedback I get a lot is that I help people relax which is awesome. But to be entirely honest I’m still not sure how I do that. Haha. I am very much myself all the time. Maybe it’s that? Who knows.
Sonny: How far in advance do you need for bookings?
Tess:Look post covid it’s a bit all over the shop. I sometimes can squeeze someone in a month other bookings are for next year. I always say reach out cause if I can make space I will. 
Sonny: Do you sell your work somewhere? 
Tess: No I have before but I need to find a new printer and framer. So if you want a print again hook me an email and I’ll sort it. 
Sonny: What is your favourite part of a wedding day?
Tess: Ahhh that’s easy. The quiet moment where it’s the two of you lost in each other. That’s always my favourite piece. 
Sonny: Do you have any advice to couples choosing their wedding photography style?
Tess: Look for a photographer you get on with. As far as style there is a lot of incredible photographers in this space. I love people that have a real timeless element to their photos. If I am ever on the other side of the camera I want someone who makes me feel comfy and a photo that in ten years I still love. So for me it’s someone who is going to capture that moment where we look at each other and see each other. 
Sonny: Anything else you’d like to mention. 
Tess: Working on this shoot was such a joy. Every one associated with it brought their a game. And it was so much fun to shoot something really different. One of those days where I was like dammmmmn I love my job. (Lies that’s every day.) 
Thanks so much Tess!


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