It’s a Picnic Wedding!

It’s a Picnic Wedding!

Here’s a story from a long time ago and the reason behind Elope Bridal.

So my partner and I had just gotten engaged and decided to have a picnic wedding. We both worked in hospitality and wanted a super relaxed wedding where we could all sit on the grass and drink wine out of magnums while listening to dope music. 

A short wedding dress would be perfect. I had a look online and couldn’t see anything I liked. A lot of tea length dresses which weren’t really my thing. I had also run out of time to have something made so I bought a lovely long silk dress off the rack. 

Our wedding day in the middle of summer had red alert torrential weather conditions and our picnic wedding ended with us all dancing in the rain and mud. My dress was completely ruined and hasn’t seen the light of day again.

I wore a pair of brand new Christian Louboutins under my long dress which were also ruined and no one even got to see them!

After all this I kept thinking about the dress, the ruined shoes and I started doodling dresses with a few things in mind. They are easy to wear, you can eat and drink comfortably all day. You can wear them with an amazing pair of heels and show them off or flats work too.  They have pockets. And can wear it again. So now you can sit on the floor drinking champagne out of magnum bottle in a totally dope short wedding dress! Cheers! 🥂  

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